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"Live thy Life, Young and old, Like yon oak, Bright in spring, Living gold..."

The Luxury Wood Company was founded by owner/designer Dave Secker, working from a typical Essex barn in the countryside village of Abbess Roding. The company was formed so that he and selected independent carpenters could jointly develop their interest in working with English green oak, while promoting the environmental importance of using British hardwoods.

Through wood chips, nails, saws and lots of broken pencils, we are proud to present the brand new Luxury Wood website. RSquared was tasked with creating a unique and bespoke online store for Luxury Wood. Tailor made delivery options were the call of the day and each order required the shipping calculations be done unique to their post code & items. Well, RSquared Delivered. The online store is able to calculate shipping costs unique to the order being placed, on the fly.

We hope you enjoy the website as much as we have enjoyed building it, so much so that you might consider RSquared for your next design project.

Luxury Wood Website 1Luxury Wood Website 2Luxury Wood Website 3

"Education is the transmission of civilization."

The Westville Kip McGrath Education Centre was established by Lynne Ferguson in 1998 to offer private tuition to children in Westville & Reservoir Hills. With over 30 years experience in primary and secondary education specialising in English, Maths and Science, Lynne's first-hand experience helps her recognise each child's individual learning needs and ultimately helps her students thrive.

As an active member of the Westville community, Lynne has received many awards for outstanding achievement in education and community service.

Website Design & Maintenance

Through blood, sweat, tears and lots of broken pencils, we are proud to present the brand new Kip Westville website. Transforming it from a bright blue page with mere contact details on it was the easy part, making it fun, lively and able to communicate Lynne's passion for learning was another story! The final product that you see before you has met all of our expectations as a fun and education website for Lynne and her fantastic education centre.

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Kip WebsiteKip WebsiteKip Website

"RSquared, serving our men and women in blue."

Cst. Stephen Clark - Business card design & print

When Stephen first got in touch with us, it was clear that we were working with a unique man, who serves his community on a daily basis. Our creative team, along side Stephen, managed to create a business card that encompassed both what Stephen does for the community, and the impact he makes.

Cst. Stephen Clark - Business card

SAPS Crime Prevention Unit Badge Redesign

The crime prevention unit within the South African Police Service is a big deterrent to criminals in our community. They are constantly patrolling and keeping their watchful eye out for wannabe criminals. Their logo was crude, hand drawn and done in paint. We were ecstatic when they asked us to redraw their symbolic logo.

SAPS Crime Prevention Unit Badge - Before
SAPS Crime Prevention Unit Badge - After

SAPS Charge Office Notepads

SAPS once again contacted us, this time to assist them in producing something that would create a better rapport with the community. Notepads were the chosen route, and RSquared was set the task of acquiring sponsorship for printing costs. We pulled through for the men and women in blue!

SAPS Charge Office Notepads

"RSquared, and our YOUTH change lives."

The Durban Youth Council is the ultimate youth organisation in Durban. Over 40 years old, it has a present membership of 30 schools and is constantly growing. They are a non-profit and a-political organisation that aims at uplifting the lifestyle of Durban and in particular our youth. RSquared had the pleasure of working with this outstanding organisation, in order to assist them with anything that they might require.

Website Design & Maintenance

The Durban Youth Council was desperately in need of something online, in order to reach out to those not within our immediate community. RSquared's creative team sat down for a long and hard brain storm, after which the DYC website was born. The fruit of a combined effort from the DYC and RSquared has seen their website grab over 4000 hits per month!

DYC Website

Marketing Material Design

The Durban Youth Council is funded through generous sponsorship from businesses and people reaching into the bottom of their hearts and providing DYC with the crucial financial assistance they need to make an impact in communities. RSquared decided that the DYC needed a bit of spring cleaning with regards to their Brochures, Pamphlets and Posters. They were in dire need of some professional looking material to show potential sponsors.


DYC Community Service Brochure DYC Community Service Wallpaper

DYC Water Works Wallpaper

Fingerprint Time Attendance System

DYC in their effort to save the planet, wanted to cut back on the amount of paper they used. One of the items they realized was using a vast amount of paper, was the register. This system tracked members of the council on their attendance to meetings and projects. Biometrics was the name of the game, and so RSquared set out to develop a Time Attendance System!

DYC Fingerprint Time Attendance System
DYC Fingerprint Time Attendance System
DYC Fingerprint Time Attendance System

"The young professional's magazine."

EISH Magazine is an influential publication among young professionals. This is an alternate monthly publication aimed at empowering young people, so that they feel determined enough to persevere toward their goal, follow their passion in pursuit of fulfilling a life's purpose.It is essential to have purpose, so that one is always striving to achieve something more than a material goal.

The goal is to create celebrities of local go-getters and successful people, to break stereotypes that is enforced by mainstream media, to empower the average young person and minority groups.

Eish Magazine ensures that young graduates are equipped with a strong mindset helping them find direction and fulfilment on their path to success.

Cover Shoot

RSquared was overwhelmed when given the opportunity to shoot the cover for their fantastic publication.

EISH Magazine Cover Shoot EISH Magazine Cover Shoot

EISH Magazine Cover Shoot

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