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Web Design

Handcrafted Websites - Tailor made from scratch
We always design and build your website from the ground up, piece by piece. Everything is made tailored to your needs, using the best techniques and technology.                        

Web Standards - Compatibility and usability
We follow web standards, with valid XHTML and CSS. We ensure our website is usable, fast loading, cross-browser compatible, and optimized for search engines.

Custom Graphics & Animations - Made just for you
Menus, buttons, graphics and animations are all custom designed by us specifically for your website. We ensure that every part and component meshes with the overall style to create a memorable user experience. 

Exclusive Hosting & Maintenance - Worry free, all in one solution
If we build your website, you can choose to host with us. We offer a full package solution, with our specific knowledge and expertise on how to maintain your website.

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+44 20 8133 7728

(United Kingdom)

+27 31 813 5303

(South Africa)


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